Pet Name: Zola
Pet Kind or Species: Dragon
Date Introduced: March 25th 2014
Description: The Zola is a mysterious yet loyal dragonlike restricted pet that was released as part of the Capsule Machine [2] in Nimbus. If you are really lucky, you could win an Enchanted Zola Plushie or Zola Potion.

  • AmericanGo to American Costume
  • BabyGo to Baby Costume
  • BlackGo to Black Costume
  • BlueGo to Blue Costume
  • BreezeGo to Breeze Costume
  • BrownGo to Brown Costume
  • Calico
  • CartoonGo to Cartoon Costume
  • ChibiGo to Chibi Costume
  • Christmas Tree
  • Cotton CandyGo to Cotton Candy Costume
  • DaylightGo to Daylight Costume
  • DollGo to Doll Costume
  • DragonGo to Dragon Costume
  • Easter
  • Fairy
  • FloralGo to Floral Costume
  • GreenGo to Green Costume
  • GreyGo to Grey Costume
  • HeadlessGo to Headless Costume
  • Ice CreamGo to Ice Cream Costume
  • Insideout
  • InvisibleGo to Invisible Costume
  • KillerGo to Killer Costume
  • MinipetGo to Minipet Costume
  • MonsterGo to Monster Costume
  • MoonlightGo to Moonlight Costume
  • Nimbus
  • OrangeGo to Orange Costume
  • Phantom
  • PinkGo to Pink Costume
  • PlushieGo to Plushie Costume
  • PoisonGo to Poison Costume
  • Prison
  • PrizeGo to Prize Costume
  • PurpleGo to Purple Costume
  • RainbowGo to Rainbow Costume
  • RedGo to Red Costume
  • SplatterGo to Splatter Costume
  • Spring
  • Starry
  • Thunder
  • Tundra
  • Werewolf
  • WhiteGo to White Costume
  • YellowGo to Yellow Costume
  • ZombieGo to Zombie Costume

Zola (No. 71)

Official Description: N/A


  • Pronounced Zow-lah

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Zola around MaradaEdit

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