Pet Name: Zetlian
Pet Kind or Species: T-Rex
Date Introduced: Perhaps site's opening date Aug 15th 2004 or shortly after.
Description: A Zetlian is a non-limited edition pet that looks like a tyrannosaurus rex like the Ike that bears a resemblance to a pterodactyl with six spines on its back and two spikes on its side and a big mouth showing four small fangs. It's shown in a gorilla position with it's arms in a fist form. You can create a Zetlian at any time. The Zetlian received 2 revamps: on February 22nd 2014 and March 14th 2017.

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Zetlian (No. ??)

Official Description: The Zetlian is one of the most cheerful Marapets. They simply cannot understand why other pets see them and run. Can you find a place for one? They do not bite hard, promise!


  • Pronounced Zet-lee-ann

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Zetlians around MaradaEdit

Zetlians featured around the site: Zetzilla, Giant Flowers Shopkeeper, Olympic Redemption Shopkeeper, Restaurant Hostess and others...

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