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Marapets Description: Gigantic Paradise has a lot of farmland and therefore a lot of worms. This is a worm farm that isn't used too often. Worm farming here is done to because of the demand for worms in Jenoa. As the farmer sleeps most of the day, every three hours you can come here and pick one of the twelve patches of mud to dig for a worm. If you are lucky, you may pick one up and you can keep it!
Fish in Jenoa love to eat these worms. Worms are very nutritional and keep the Jenoan population very healthy. Collect the worms you find - you never know where they will become useful!
You can play the Worm Digging once every 3 hours!

Additional Comments: You need these worms to feed the fish minipets in the Jenoan Aquarium located in Jenoa.

Names of the worms:

Blue Meal Worm
Blue Striped Worm
Blue Worm
Cyan Meal Worm
Cyan Striped Worm
Cyan Worm
Green Meal Worm
Green Striped Worm
Green Worm
Pink Meal Worm
Pink Striped Worm

Pink Worm
Purple Meal Worm
Purple Striped Worm
Purple Worm
Red Meal Worm
Red Striped Worm
Red Worm
Yellow Meal Worm
Yellow Striped Worm
Yellow Worm



Worm Digging

All The Worms Edit

Worms you can get from this game!


Worms at the Marapets Items Database.

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Mara Community has a Worm Digging Automator at their site, included in a program entitled MaraMagus.

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