Wild Minipets
  • CameroGo to Camero
  • DewGo to Dew
  • DiwaliGo to Diwali
  • FlinGo to Flin
  • LarkGo to Lark
  • LishonGo to Lishon
  • MarieGo to Marie
  • MatoGo to Mato
  • PeakGo to Peak
  • PebblesGo to Pebbles
  • PocanoGo to Pocano
  • SawniGo to Sawni
  • TadiGo to Tadi
  • TishaGo to Tisha
  • ViperGo to Viper

These cuties were released on 5th November, 2012. As you are playing, a Random Event might occur, where it will state that you have been attacked by a Wild Minipet. If that happens to you, rush to the Battle Arena and fight it! If you win, you might be able to catch it!