Pet Name: Vixen
Pet Kind or Specie: Deer
Date Introduced: 3rd December 2010
Description: As the 63rd pet to be released, Vixen was released as part of the Christmas 2010 Account Upgrade. As with the Gobble the upgrade was the only way to obtain it, and after the Christmas Upgrade was discontinued, the pet would never be available again (even by using the Temple). For a list of costumes available for this pet, go here. 'RETIRED - this pet species has officially been retired, meaning that it you can't get it again. If you can get a Blitzen Vixen Potion, an Enchanted Vixen Plushie, some Enchanted Vixen Dip', or the Essence of Vixen you are very lucky indeed.

Marapets Description:  Vixen are known for their huge antlers which can make them look intimidating. They are actually a very nervous pet and choose to stay hidden in the snow. If you can catch one of these pets you are very lucky indeed.

Vixen chibi
Vixen alien

Alien Vixen

Vixen blitzen


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