Ushunda Edit


Pet Name: Ushunda
Pet Kind or Specie: Squid or Octopus
Date Introduced: 15th of August 2004
Description: The Ushunda, the very FIRST Marapet ever created [1] is one of the most famous Marapets, and a very attractive octopus. It was created on June 29th of 2004 and announced in Maraqua in the shoutbox. They were made Limited Edition on the 8th of October 2016. Lots of Marapets games, quests and shops feature the Ushunda; that includes the "Snobbish candidate" from the Marapets Elections. The ones most people are familiar with are the CD Shop, the Appliances Shop and the flash game Ushunda Invaders.

Marapets Description: This water pet is very mischievous and is known to steal items and carry them under water and place them into their own piles of treasures.

Ushunda Marapet (No. 1)

Original 2004 Artwork
Original Yellow Ushunda Original Red Ushunda Original Green Ushunda Original Blue Ushunda

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