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Marapets Description: The Undying woods grew up around the maradan graveyard, home of neglected zombie marapets. After Elger the witch moved into her haunted house and brave marapets started to venture in for quests, a pound was opened to house the poor unwanted homeless pets and several shops have sprung up to take advantage of passing trade. Keep your wits about you as you pass though this world - you never know what might be lurking in the shadows!

Additional Comments: This one of the biggest Marapets worlds with some of the most important places and activities. There used to be a role-playing feature that is now your Battle Deck. Also, the Charity Shop was here before it moved to Puchalla Village. There has been a lot of panic and confusion over this "dying thing" but it's really quite simple. Undying Woods is named undying because pets do not actually die, they just go to the graveyard here and become zombie costumed that other players can rescue, but it takes quite a lot for it to even get that far! If your pet has any kind of sickness or disease, or it has been neglected health wise (starving, thirsty, tired) and is still not looked after, you will have several warnings that show up similar to random events to warn you of the pet that is suffering. If nothing is done about it, you will be reminded several times more. If you still do not do anything about it, your pet will die and move to the Gate of the Graveyard. You then have 14 days to visit this place and either pay 50,000MP to save your pet and it will be costumed Zombie. If you do not want it be zombie coloured, you can pay 75,000MP. If you do not do this, after 14 days the pet will move to the Graveyard as a zombie where any player can take ownership of the pet and it is no longer yours. 


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Undying Woods

Undying Woods Pet Pound Edit


Marapets Description: (Disown) You want to Disown a Pet? Really? You travel all the way to the dark side of Marada to pay 5,000MP for us to keep your poor Marapet in a cage! What if it cannot find a new owner? Well ok... if your sure about it then. We do not promote the idea of abandoning your pets. Pets you wish to adopt cost a small amount of MP, and our charges for feeding and caring for them. IMPORTANT - when you disown your pet, anything equipped to it (such as weapons or minipets) will be disowned too. Once your pet is disowned, you may never get it back. You can only Disown a Pet once every 24 hours

(Adopt) You enter the cage and there are these sad, disowned pets. Please take a moment to view the pets and see if you would like to Adopt a Pet. The cost depends on its level, strength, defence, speed, books, dvds, cds and mini pet equipped. So, if the pet is rather expensive, you know it was a well trained and cared for pet, before it was disowned.

Additional Comments: With Pet Trading readily available 24/7 without restrictions, the Maradan Pet Pound is never quite busy at all. You'd be lucky to find one pet here! MP Generator Trick: Adopt a pet, then disown it. It will net you a cool 500mp! RamZilla made a Marapets Pet Auto Adopter, and released it on his site Mara Community.


The Pound Fasoro


Maradan Pet Pound

Undying Woods Battle Deck Edit


Marapets Description: This is where all the Trading Cards that have been collected are stored. The Battle Deck is the box of Trading Cards which all have the magical power to allow you to battle them in the Battle Arena. Once added, the Trading Cards cannot be removed but you can battle the opponents an unlimited amount of time.

Additional Comments: So far there is a total of 322 trading cards.



Battle Deck

Undying Woods Grandfather Clock Tower Edit


Marapets Description: In Undying Woods there sits a creepy grandfather clock. This antique clock keeps the time functioning throughout the whole of Marada but there is something very strange about this clock. Approaching at certain times of the day often seems to reward you. The spirit of many ancient pets hang around this clock and the clock parts are magical.... so when it chimes...

Additional Comments: The clock rewards your pet with status, like strength, speed or a level. 



Undying Clock Tower

Undying Woods Open Graves Stones Edit


Marapets Description: In Undying Woods there are four grave stones and below them are four graves that have been left open. mara pets cannot actually die, they go to Undying Woods and are resurrected, so these graves will never actually be needed. A Bolimo plays near by these graves all of the time and often hides down inside one of these four very deep graves.
Everyday, if you find the graves that he is hiding in, he will reward you with a large sum of Marapoints. If you pick the wrong grave stone, you will not gain anything.

Additional Comments: Random amount of Marapoints can be anywhere from 600MP to 4000MP



Open Grave Stones

Undying Woods Graveyard Edit


Marapets Description: The Graveyard is where all mara pets go when they have died. These pet graves are home to the undying mara pets, neglected by their owners - just check out the grave headstones to see for yourself! If their owner has not looked after them properly, by leaving them starve, not curing their illnesses or even boring them to death, they die and are buried here. But in Undying Woods, hence the name, nothing dies - ever. The pets have simply changed into Zombies and if you are willing to save one, it can be your new pet.

Additional Comments: With the Gate readily available 24/7 without restrictions, the Graveyard is never busy at all. You'd be lucky to find one Zombie pet here!



Undying Woods Graveyard Gate Edit


Marapets Description: Neglected pets that die will end up at the Graveyard, where any Maradan can take ownership of them for free. The Gate of the Graveyard is where the pets that have died go before they enter the Graveyard. The Graveyard has limited space and the Ghost Xoi has to organise a grave for each of the pets. It takes 14 days for a pet to get a place at the Graveyard and during this time, the owner of the pet who has died can save the pet from entering the Graveyard for the last time.

If your pet is in queue for the Graveyard below, you will have to pay the 50,000MP fine to get it out and your pet will also have changed colour into a Zombie. If you do not want your pet to change into zombie form when it leaves the pet graveyard gates, you can pay the 75,000MP fine and it will escape unchanged.

Additional Comments: You can poison your pet if you buy Poisons [21] from the Eleka Castle's Poison Shop.



Gate of the Graveyard

Undying Woods Auctions House Edit


Marapets Description: These online auctions are processed 24 hours a day. Some auction lots will only allow bids from their Friends or members of their club. If you would like to auction one of your items, go to your Inventory and select an item to auction. You can use Pet Auctions to sell any of your pets for MP or to bid for any other pets that are up for Auction. This is the ONLY way that you are able to sell your pet. If you want to send someone a pet, use the Pet Exchange and if you want to trade your pet for another pet, continue to use the Pet Trades.


IMPORTANT - pet auctions work exactly the same as item auctions. Once you have listed your pet for auction, the highest bidder will become the new owner of your pet for the price that they bid. The buyer will also be charged pet trading fees, which you as a seller will not receive. If you would like to auction one of your pets, go to their profile and put them up for auction.  

Additional Comments: If you bid on an item/pet but don't have the Marapoints for it in time, you will receive an Auction Strike. Should you receive 3 of them, you will be fined 50,000MP.



Auction House

Old Undying Woods Maps and News Edit


Old Undying Woods Oct 2004


Posted on : 26th October 2004

The map at Undying Woods has been updated. It labels some of the things coming out later in the week.


Undying Woods Get Updated 2006


Posted on : 29th August 2006

The Undying Woods map is the latest world to receive an update. We have moved the Book Shop to Dukka Caves.


New Undying Woods 2007


Posted on : 16th June 2007


Now that Eleka's Castle is almost full, the next few weeks of news will be mostly based around Undying Woods, leading up to the Undying Festival sometime in July. We have redrawn the Undying Woods map to make it look a lot nicer, more organised and to make room for some of the cool new stuff for this world!

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