Costume underwater

Rarity 29

The Underwater Costume is a retired costume that was a part of its own Account Upgrade from July 2006 and is now. If you put this on your pet, they will become a sea creature in order to fit in with their Underwater surroundings. The costume is green with scales, water, and a green fish. View the old pets here and here. Oddly enough, you would NOT receive an Underwater Costume with the June 2012 Account Upgrades. Instead, there is a 1 in 3 chance of receiving a Limited Edition Enchanted Underwater Plushie (Ercuw, Dakota, or Quell) instead of a Tantua, Ushunda, Zetlian, Leido, or Ideus. They were all selected at random. Very, very limited numbers of Enchanted Gobble plushies were also avaliable! If you purchased 3 and did not receive an LE pet you could open a ticket to exchange one. This offer did not apply to Gobble plushies.

Underwater Pet Origins Edit

The oldest Underwater Gobble resembled an Eothyris. Other than that, it does not appear to be directly based off of any sea creature. If you have an idea of what Marapets' inspiration was - let us know! Note: We've already ruled out all Synapsids so please consider that before sending in tips! Thanks =)

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