Temple3 outside

This is where you get limited edition pets. This ancient Temple has been opened for you to explore. It's very dangerous, so you can only send in one pet at a time and while the pet is inside the temple, you cannot trade or exchange the pet. Make sure you are prepared - the temple has many obstacles, 30 levels some say, but not many have made it all the way to the treasure deep inside! While inside the temple, your pet will see ancient symbols on the walls or floor which will help him safely proceed to the next level. But you will need Hieroglyphics to help translate.

At each level of the Temple, you will get a prize. It can be either items, currency, pet stats or Account Upgrade Credit. There is no time limit for completing the Temple, but you can only complete one level every 48 hours. If you manage to reach
Temple3 inside
level 30, you will be able to change your pet to any species you want - even Limited Edition Pets! You can only ever complete this Temple once.

NOTE - you cannot choose pets that are restricted, such as the Hump or Figaro.

Fun Fact: Use a Transmogrification Repeat Giftbox and you can complete the Temple of
Transmogrification in Simeria more than once.

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