Pet Name: Tasi
Pet Kind or Species: Tasmanian devil
Date Introduced: 3rd March 2009
Description: Tasis are Tasmanian devil-like pets first introduced in early 2009 in the Vampire and Leprechaun account upgrade. The Tasi is a limited edition pet meaning that their species is rare and limited. You cannot create a limited edition pet but you can earn them through the game. Last released Feb 2017 as the main prize of the new Camouflage Account Upgrade.

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Tasi (No. 52)

Official Description: The Tasi is a playful pet. They like nothing better than playing hide and seek. Sadly, they are easily found due to their rather large heads.


  • Its name is a portmanteau of Tasmanian devil and S. harrisii.

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Tasis around MaradaEdit

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