Tarquin is the one to go to when you want a Poera. His mission consists of books. To do this mission, you need to do the following:

1.Accept his mission
2.Search the book he needs
3.Use the book on one of your pets.
4.Go back to him and you will see a little circle under your pets.
5.Select the pet on whom you used the book on and press the key that says "Complete Tarquin"

Tarquin appears to be a big orange Poera with more stripes instead of the usual Poera which has twelve stripes shown. He is seen with two books beside him and a book sandwiched between his mouth. On level 27, He gives a Shaved Costume like the one below.

Description: Tarquin is the librarian of the biggest library in Marada. Being a Poera, he is very clever and can read books very quickly. He is on a mission to educate the whole of Marada. Tarquin has 30 different missions for you to complete. He will select one of the many books in Marada and you will need to show him that you have read it to one of your pets. If you do, you will move on to the next level. If not, you will fail and will have to start again.

Tarquin can give out any Poera potion. The potions that are costumed are of greater value. The list of poera potions include:

Ice poera potion

Halloween poera potion

Ghost poera potion

Cheese poera potion

Checkered poera potion

Witch poera potion

Sketch poera potion

Angel poera potion

Yellow poera potion

Red poera potion

Green poera potion

Blue poera potion


Tarquin's new and improved picture


Costume shaved

The Shaved Costume is obtained when you finish Tarquin lvl 27. Some of the pets that can use them are the Chibs, Fasoro, Sindi and Walee. It's shown as a pink folded tracksuit with a zipper, thus making the pet that wears it pink.

Description: Putting this costume on certain marapets will make them bald!

Completing level 27 unlocks a hidden avatar as well as completing level 30.

The Library in 2005; never used and don't remember what it was going to be! It was going to have the history/information/help of Marapets but was cancelled [1]

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The Original (scrapped) Library

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