Sultan (1)
Welcome to the opulent palace of the Sultan. The Sultan is the rich and power leader of the Kamilah Desert. While the 2012 Battle for Marada war ended with the defeat of King Baspinar, his leadership is there for the taking. Queen Eleka believes that she would automatically gain power, but she lost a lot of her fighters, money and support fighting the war.

The Sultan needed you to spread the word and promote him as the new leader. Every time that you visited the profile of a player currently online you would be given the option to send them your support for the Sultan. If they accepted, you would both receive a prize from him! At the end of the event, the top 200 players who have gained him the most supporters also received a Sultan Trading Card and 500,000MP! They have also randomly sent either a Jinn minipet or a Jinn YoYo item to a random number of players who took part in the event!

The winners of the Sultan of Kamilah Desert have been announced on June 19th 2012.

Sultan Loyalty SystemEdit

While the King rewards your loyalty based on how long you have been playing Marapets for and Queen Eleka counts the number of unique days you have visited Marapets, the Sultan rewards you for everyday that you have paid your Taxes.

As the self declared ruler of Marada, the Sultan needs taxes to be paid by all players. Taxes start at 10MP and increase by 10MP each day that you pay them. You can only pay taxes once per day and the Sultan will reward you for the number of days that you pay tax.

Sultan Loyalty Prizes
Tax Days Prize
2 days 250MP
5 days Sand Bucket Set
7 days 500MP
14 days Doon
21 days 750MP
30 days Sandy Gumball
45 days 1,000MP
60 days Marapets Staff Photo
90 days 2,000MP
120 days Pyramid Cupcake
150 days 5,000MP
180 days Fiestan
210 days 10,000MP
240 days Desert Potato Chips
270 days 20,000MP
300 days Sultan Scimitar
330 days 30,000MP
1 years Desert Balloon
390 days 50,000MP
420 days Genie Lamp Toy
450 days 75,000MP
480 days Sultan Hourglass
510 days 100,000MP
540 days Desert Melodies
570 days 150,000MP
600 days Magic Carpet
630 days 200,000MP
660 days Sultan Perfume
690 days 250,000MP
2 years Pyramid Candle
750 days 325,000MP
780 days One Thousand and Two Nights
810 days 400,000MP
840 days Sultan Beard Candy Floss
870 days 500,000MP
900 days Sultan Doll
930 days 750,000MP
960 days Palace Stamp
990 days 1,000,000MP
1,020 days Sultan Glowing Egg
1,050 days 1,500,000MP
3 years Sultan Video Game
1,110 days 1,750,000MP
1,140 days Sultan Photo
1,170 days 2,000,000MP
1,200 days Sultan Sugar Cube
1,230 days 2,500,000MP
1,260 days Fake Desert Costume
1,290 days 3,000,000MP