Pet Name: Snookle
Pet Kind or Specie: Raccoon
Date Introduced: 17th July 2007

Description: The Snookle was the 43rd Marapet, first released through Account Upgrades. It is a limited edition marapet that resembles a raccoon. It can not be obtained from any mission. It was re-released in its last ever account upgrade in the "Rainy" gold account upgrade on 12th March 2011. Other ways to get a hold of one, is by buying a potion or Pet Trades. A Snookle is featured in the Undying Woods Goals [1], the Lush Tombola [2], the Minipet Island Gym, and you can see one being manhandled in the Penitentiary [3] in Vortex Park. For a list of costumes available for this pet, go here.

Marapets Description: Snookles are known for their large eyes and keen eyesight. They spend many nights staring at the stars, can they see other worlds?

Snookle chibi
Snookle skater


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