Slime Boy is very shy. He was bullied through school and doesn't fit into most of Marada. He hides in the City Sewers, scared to go above ground. Even here he stands out! He rewards pets that are not shy. The higher your pet's Charisma is, the greater he will reward them. 


NOTE - you are rewarded only once per pet. Trading for a pet with high Charisma stats list will NOT give you the prizes if they have already been rewarded.

Charisma Prize
5 Slime Balloon
10 2,500MP
15 Slime Slingshot
20 5,000MP
25 Sour Gummy Slugs
30 7,500MP
40 Gooey Groove
50 10,000MP
60 Slime Dog
70 15,000MP
80 Slime Boy Booster
90 20,000MP
100 1001 Slime Recipes
125 25,000MP
150 Slime Boy Doll
175 30,000MP
200 Slime Boy Pearl
225 35,000MP
250 Slime Ghost
275 40,000MP
300 Propellor Hat Stamp
325 45,000MP
350 Slime Boy Glowing Egg
375 50,000MP
400 Slime Boy Trading Card
425 60,000MP

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