Main Quest Edit


Marapets Description: Every Maradan knows that Santa Claws lives at Biala Mountain. Ever since he fired his elves for stealing, he needs help getting Christmas gifts ready in time for Christmas. Accept a quest from Santa and you will need to collect a plushie or toy for him within the time limit. If you manage to complete his quest he will greatly reward you with MP.

Additional Comments: Supposedly, this Santa needs Toys to give away on Christmas season. You may get a Santa Claws Trading Card and 50,000 marapoints if you are extremely lucky! To see a list of all Trading Cards follow this link.

Average Reward: 3,000 MP



Santa Claws' New Year's Raffle Edit


10th December 2013 Edit

Marapets Description: NEW EVENT

With Christmas only two weeks away, Santa Claws has stopped his normal Quests. Instead of rewarding you MP for completing his quest, he will instead give you one entry to his New Years Raffle. The more quests you complete, the more entries you will have. He will be giving out hundreds of prizes in January and include a total of 50 Panda Costumes, £250 Account Upgrade Credits, 50,000,000MP and other bonus prizes!

SantaClaws EVENT

New Year's Raffle Event

28th December 2013 Edit


Marapets Description: The limited edition Christmas Account Upgrades will retire January 15th. Have you entered the Santa Claws New Year Raffle? You have until January 1st to enter!

Costume panda

Important note: Entering the New Year's Raffle will cease once New Year's Day begins. In other words, you will not be able to get the good prizes if you do not enter before the festivities begin! So, no rush... but hurry up, will ya? :P

17th January 2014 Edit


Marapets Description: The winners of the Santa Claws New Years Raffle have been announced! Congratulations!! For those who have won Account Upgrade Credit, the limited edition Christmas items and Frostfire Account Upgrades will now RETIRE January 31st!

Xoi frostfire

Thanks for playing

26th January 2016 Edit


Marapets Description: The Santa Claws 2016 New Years Raffle winners have been announced.

24991199 1535500919820821 5202264420470710055 n

If you are a winner, you will have an alert and the prizes already awarded. There were 100 winners of 1,000,000MP, 3 winners of £25 Account Upgrades Credit, 10 winners of £10 Account Upgrades Credit and 25 winners of £5 Account Upgrades Credit. There was also 2 prizes of each of these retired costumes : Advent, Angel, Blitzen, Christmas, Christmas Tree, Elf, Gingerbread, Ice, Polar, Seasonal, Snow, Tundra and Winter. These new bonus prizes have also been won.

Trading Card Edit

Card santa

Santa Claws Trading Card

Santa Claws is also a Battle Arena enemy. When you place the Trading Card on your battle deck you can go directly to the Battle Arena to battle it.

Santa Claws Specifications:

  • Base Health: 33
  • Base Magic: 33
  • Weapons: Gift Blaster and Grinch Stick
  • Base Damage: 18HP
Santaclaws (1)

Santa Claws (Enemy)

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