Pet Name: Rofling
Pet Kind or Specie: Hedgehog

Date Introduced: 9th February 2007

Description: They are limited pets meaning that their species is rare and limited. You cannot create a limited edition pet but you can earn them through the game. You can get a Rofling potion by having 100 referrals on Marapets or you can buy the potion off another member although these can be quite difficult to find and the potions are more collectors items than items which are used. The most common way to obtain a Rofling is to put it through the hieroglyphic temple which is called the Temple of Transmogrification. This is the middle temple which is found in Simeria.

Pronounced Roff-ling

Marapets Description: 'These little hedgehogs love curling up in balls and racing down hills as fast as they can roll!'

Rofling cartoon

A Cartoon Rofling

Rofling ice

An Ice Rofling

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