Queen Eleka is the evil ruler of the Dark Side of Marada, and presides in her own castle [1]. Queen Eleka used to be part of a quest where you had to bring Light Side items to her during the Mini Pet Island War in 2007. The Dark Side eventually lost and she was locked up until 2012, when she eventually convinced King Baspinar to set her free, and she started to hand out her own loyalty prizes to prove that she had become good. On the 16th Febuary 2012, with the help of her loyal minion, the Dark Fairy, she again declared war on the Light Side of Marada and managed to win. Defeated and exhausted, Baspinar admitted defeat and retreated. Eleka was prepared to declare herself the unopposed ruler of Marada, until the Sultan showed up and threw a wrench in her plans. With her funds depleted, support wavering, and army thoroughly ripped apart, she was unable to fight against this new opponent, and has since slipped back into the shadows. Who knows what she's planning to do next..?

She has been locked up since she lost the Mini Pet Island war of 2007. Five years have since passed and she has convinced King Baspinar to release her. She says that she is no longer evil and to prove it she will also give out Loyalty Prizes to all citizens of Marada, just like King Baspinar does. While the King rewards your loyalty based on how long you have been playing Marapets for, Queen Eleka will count the number of unique days you have visited Marapets, starting from February 5th 2012.

Please note that multiple accounts are against the rules and we heavily log all activity you do on the site. Claiming prizes on multiple accounts is very easily caught as we can follow where these items go, who took them on each account and what other accounts they have logged into, as well as many other logs. Do not attempt to have multiple accounts because we will simply freeze every one of your accounts forever.

Queen Eleka also gives you a FREE Loyalty Raffle Ticket every day that you visit Marapets for this Weekly Raffle. Visit Marapets every day of the week and you receive 8 raffle tickets. Winners are announced every Wednesday. Here are the awards: 

£25 Account Upgrades Credit


Two Hundred and Fifty Dukka Coin 

Loyalty Rewards List Edit

Queen Eleka Loyalty Prizes
Account Age Prize
2 days 5,000MP
5 days Poison Berries
7 days Evil Songs
14 days Queen Eleka Pearl
21 days 10,000MP
30 days Queen Eleka
60 days Queen Eleka Booster
90 days Staff of the Dark Fairy
120 days 25,000MP
150 days Sprite Trading Card
180 days Staff of the Dark Fairy Stamp
210 days Dentist Ticket
240 days Villains of Marada Book
270 days Possessed Shield
300 days Evil Smoothie
330 days Possessed Potato
1 years Possessed Knife
390 days Eleka Yo Yo
420 days Poison Berry Pie
450 days Jinx
480 days Possessed Gumball
510 days 50,000MP
540 days Snake Contact Lenses
570 days Waist Cincher
600 days Poison Queen Costume
630 days Lunash
660 days Skull Shirt
690 days 100,000MP
2 years 10 Strength, Defence & Speed Stats for all of your Pets
750 days Bronze Potato Chips
780 days Bandeau Top
810 days 200,000MP
840 days Diet Floral Marapop
870 days Dragon Glowing Egg
900 days 12 Strength, Defence & Speed Stats for all of your Pets
930 days Zipper Dress
960 days 300,000MP
990 days Phantom Stamp
1,020 days 13 Strength, Defence & Speed Stats for all of your Pets
1,050 days Zeso Wig
3 years 400,000MP
1,110 days Untamed Raulf Trading Card
1,140 days 500,000MP
1,170 days Nightmare Glowing Egg
1,200 days £1 Account Upgrade Credit
1,230 days Eleka Potato Chips
1,260 days 14 Strength, Defence & Speed Stats for all of your Pets
1,290 days 600,000MP
1,320 days Dark Journal
1,350 days 650,000MP
1,380 days 10 Coordination, Stamina & Balance Stats for all of your Pets
1,410 days 700,000MP
4 years Queen Eleka Video Game
1,470 days 750,000MP
1,500 days Queen Eleka Photo
1,530 days 800,000MP
1,560 days 12 Coordination, Stamina & Balance Stats for all of your Pets
1,590 days 850,000MP
1,620 days Fake Eleka Costume
1,650 days 900,000MP
1,680 days 13 Coordination, Stamina & Balance Stats for all of your Pets
1,710 days 950,000MP
1,740 days Wide Brimmed Hat
1,770 days 1,000,000MP
5 years £2 Account Upgrade Credit
1,830 days Queen Eleka Sugar Cube
1,860 days 1,100,000MP

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