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Marapets Description: Welcome to the Enpiah Portal. Enpiah is full of the latest illegal technology from Ziranek but this has to be the most advanced web portal! It was built initally to operate on sick, dying pets but something went wrong. Now, it is abandoned in the distance of Enpiah. If your pet is brave enough, you can try it daily - but beware. This portal can do long term changes to your pet - including changing species and stats! Make sure you select the correct pet to use in the portal - once you have entered, all changes are final.

Additional Comments: If you have been to a web site like Neopets you probably are familiar with the "Secret Laboratory Ray". It changes the appearance of your pet and sometimes you might even get status to make your pet stronger in battle. Marapets has a FREE portal which does just that. You can visit once per day!

WARNING: While the portal is free to use once per day, it can permanently change the color and species of a pet to something you might not like. You'll need costumes or potions to modify your pet once more, or wait for the portal to turn him to something satisfactory eventually.



Enpiah Portal

Portal Pets Edit


Some pets you can get from the portal:
Knutt sparkle
Addow snow

Jessup pixie

Paffuto halloween

Equilor sponge-0

Xoi midnight

Zetlian mermaid

Yakubi fire

Walee furry

Osafo icefairy

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