The far east of Marada is uninhabitable and nobody's quite sure why everything here is so poisonous. As more is found out about this area of Marada, a new world may one day be started here! In the meantime, a


way to visit this mysterious Poison Pit has been found by completing the Poison Pit Treasure Map. Once completed, it's safe for you to visit once every 12 hours for FREE. 

Every visit will give you the chance to dip an item into the magic poison pit and watch what happens to the item. The rarity of the item you can dip will change each time you visit - between rarity 1 and 15. Dipping items into the poison pit can have all kinds of weird and wonderful outcomes! Items can turn into MP, BP, RP, Olympic Points, Account Upgrade Credits, gym and elite gym stats for your pets, different Skins for your character or other new, bonus items. If you are really, really lucky your item may turn into a retired item. 

Poison Pit Giftbox - Use this item and you can use the Poison Pit twice as often for life if you have already completed the Poison Pit Treasure Map. Visit once every 6 hours instead of 12 hours.

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