Poera Edit

Pet Name: Poera
Pet Kind or Species: Snake
Date Introduced: 26th January 2006
Description: The poera is a snakelike marapet that was introduced along with Tarquin. To get one, you must complete all 30 levels of the mission, which require you to read a book to your pet. Pets who have already read the book, can pass the level at once. Failing the mission and not being able to read the book to your pet, will result in failure and being booted back to level 1.

  • Alien Poera
  • Angel Poera
  • Anime Poera
  • Balloon Poera
  • Cartoon Poera; This snake has stripes and a big heart: Go and find him; don't let anybody get a head start!
  • Checkered Poera
  • Cheese Poera
  • Chinese Poera
  • Eleka Poera
  • Firefairy Poera
  • Halloween Poera
  • Icefairy Poera
  • Lightning Poera
  • Love Poera
  • Poera Easter Egg
  • Prison Poera
  • Robot Poera
  • Sketch Poera
  • Spy Poera
  • Valentine Poera
  • Zombie Poera

Poeras can be dressed up with some of the following Costumes: Anime Costume, Eleka, Witch, Icefairy, Chinese, Halloween and many others (see slideshow)!

Official Description: These slippery snakes look a lot scarier than they actually are. They like a lot of attention from their owners because other pets tend to be scared of them and they get lonely.

Poeras around MaradaEdit

The Poera is featured in several activities around the site: Tarquin's Library, the Error Poera, the Lipsticks Shop, the Gigantic Paradise Goals and others...

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