Plushies are a highly collectible item in the

Get this avatar by collecting over 1,000 plushies!

Marapets website. There are many plushies, most of them from existing pets. There are also enchanted plushies which are magical plushies you let your pet play with, to turn it to the species and color of the stuffed plush. The majority of these plushies can be obtained through the Plushie Machine. All plushies have a different rarity value, obviously an enchanted one will usually be worth more than a common one; but that sometimes fluctuates depending how often the plushie machine releases them. The Plushie collection is where all of the plushies you have collected get permanently stored for you to show off. The Plushie Fairy rewards you for collecting Plushies. There is also a Plushie Costume, which is valuable as it retired from the Costumes Shop. It will receive an update in the distant future, and we will let you know if it changes into a different costume.

Missing Plushies Giftbox - Use this item and you can view an up-to-date list of the plushies missing from your collection - for life!