Plushie Machine

Marapets Description: In the middle of the park sits a plush toy machine. Insert 250MP and direct the claw to try to grab a plush toy. There is a plush toy for every avaliable colour each Marapet can be painted. You can play once every 15 minutes because it is rumoured that there are some enchanted plush toys inside, that could change your pet to the same species and colour of that plush toy.

Additional Comments: The Plushie Machine is the MOST visited daily activity in the game and it sits in Slater Park. I myself have used the Plushie Machine almost everyday for 2 years and the rarest plushie I ever got was an Enchanted Blue Walee Plushie. Which if you got, you'd be a fool if you use on your pet, as it is one of Blitzen's favorite items. One of those can sell for up to 500,000 marapoints, so don't use it!



Plushie Machine


Some plushies you can get from the plushie machine:

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Mara Community has a Plushie Machine Automator at their site, included in a program entitled MaraMagus.

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