Pet Name: Nino
Pet Kind or Species: Flying squirrel or sugar glider
Date Introduced: 19th October 2008
Description: The Nino is a limited edition (LE) marapet that resembles a flying squirrel or sugar glider. You can get Nino from Account Upgrades. Originally released in the October 2008 Account Upgrades (Goblin and Undying Fairy), and re-released in the September 2016 Account Upgrades (Earth Fairy). Can be re-released at any time.

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Nino (No. 50)

Official Description: Ninos are one of the more fearful pets. Although happy to meet strangers, if startled they will suddenly spread their wings and fly off into the trees to hide behind the nearest Knutt.


  • Pronounced Nee-no

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Ninos around MaradaEdit

Ninos featured around the site: Traps Shopkeeper [3], Face Make Up Shopkeeper [4], Minipet Food Shopkeeper [5]and others...

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