Marapets Description: Is it horse racing? Is it car racing? No! Its Newth Racing! Racing is the popular sport of Biala Mountain. A new race begins every 30 minutes. Want to earn some extra MP? Bet on one of the Newths! Each Newth has different odds - why not take a gamble on who you think will win the next race?

There is a maximum bet of 1,500MP. You can bet once every 30 minutes.

Additional Comments: Pay close attention to the odds of winning, one out of every two times Newth 1 will win. The prize you get varies depending on the odds of the Newth you're betting on. It's a gamble (like the description says). Of course if you bet on Newth 6 and he does happen to win the race (super rare) then your prize will be 1,500 × 50 = 75,000MP! However, I never heard of anyone who actually DID win this at all. You'll be lucky if this Newth even turns up for the race - but you never know...



Newth Racing

Newth SelectionEdit

Selecting the right Newth
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