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Marapets Description: Welcome to Murfin Madness, the biggest and fastest rollercoaster in the whole of Marada. This rollercoaster is one of the most popular rides in the Slater Park theme park. Is your pet brave enough to ride? Didn't think so! Not only does it cost 500MP to ride, if your pet can get very sick and unhappy from it! But, your pet can also ride with enjoyment and no fear - which will make it very happy. Your pet's charisma increases as it gets braver of the rollercoaster ride - but as the rollercoaster reaches speeds of upto 100 miles per hour, I doubt any of your pets will make it...

Additional Information: Let your pet take a ride in this unpredictable and nasty rollercoaster, if you dare! Chances of getting charisma out of this nasty ride are very slim, it will require many tries. Please note the numbers to the right are based on my experience and are a rough estimate.



Murfin Madness Rollercoaster

NOTE: This place is listed in the Newbie Guide as one of the places to avoid to prevent a sick pet.

  • 5/10 times - Your pet will not enjoy the ride and it will get sick instead.
  • 5/10 times - Your pet will enjoy the ride and happiness will increase.
  • 3/10 times - Your pet will get a consolation prize like a mug or a t-shirt.
  • 1/10 times - Your pet will gain ONE level of charisma.

Roller Coaster PrizesEdit

Murfin Madness Prizes----


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