This is a small list of items that may be asked for in missions. Some of these items may also be asked for in Quests as well. To see the Quest Items list, take a look at this page.


Charms are bought with Marapoints in Eleka's Castle. When the charms first came out, as with Fugunzel's Tower, Charms went for exorbitant (crazy high) amounts of marapoints, now however since the mission does require a map in order to use it, the charms have fallen to under 10,000MP a piece.

Acid spell

Acidic Charm

Addowear charm

Addow Ear Charm

Azuleye charm

Azul Eye Charm

Bolimotail charm

Bolimo Tail Charm

Chibseye charm

Chibs Eye Charm

Chibshair charm

Chibs Hair Charm


Claw Charm


Comet Charm

Crindolwing charm

Crindol Wing Charm

Dakotatail charm

Dakota Tail Charm

Equilorfin charmearring

Equilor Fin Charm


Feliz Paw Charm

Flame charm

Fire Charm

Fireshower spell

Fire Shower Charm


Leaf Charm

Meteorite spell

Meteorite Charm

Poeratooth charm

Poera Tooth Charm

Speirowing charm

Speiro Wing Charm

Ushundafeet charm

Ushunda Tentacles Charm


Constellation stars are items asked for in the Ublish mission in Planet Enpiah. They can be bought at the Stars Shop.

Cooking IngredientsEdit

Cooking Ingredients are bought with Restock Points for The Fates in Eleka's Castle. They can be bought at the Cooking Ingredients Shop.


Sushi is what Clam asks for in the early levels of his mission in Jenoa. They can be bought at the Sushi Shop.


Pearls are the main items asked for the Clam. They can be bought at the Pearls Shop.


The Rusty Twins at the Rubbish Dump ask for bones available at Grave Robbing.


Trunx asks for CDs for his theatre upstairs Inside Baspinar's Castle. They are bought at Ziranek's CDs Shop.


Tarquin asks for books in your pet's collection for his library in the City. The Books Shop is found in Dukka Caves.


Trotter asks for DVDs in your pet's collection in Undying Woods. The DVD Shop is found in Ziranek.


The Slater Park Circus asks for plushies found at the Plushie Machine.


The Slater Park Circus asks for pizza at the Pizza Shop.


The Slater Park Circus asks for balloons at the Balloon Shop.

Fast FoodEdit

The Slater Park Circus asks for fast food at the Fast Food Shop.

Soft DrinksEdit

The Slater Park Circus asks for soft drinks at the Soft Drinks Shop.

Musical InstrumentsEdit

The Troll living under the bridge into Baspinar's Castle requests you to teach musical instruments to your pet. Each time you have completed his missions, the level your pet needs to be at playing the instrument will increase, until your pet has learned it 10 times. So if you completed the mission for the third time, the next time you start you will need to be level 4 at the instrument he is asking for!

"Exotic" FoodEdit

The Bumpkin wants food that can be found outside of Puchalla Village. He will ask for any item that can be fed to your pets (including Poop and Flowers).


The Penitentiary in Vortex Park asks for photos in your Photo Album to increase the chances of the Maradan Police catching the criminals before they commit more crimes!


The Sewer Cleaner asks for poop and other items found in the Sewers to try and clean up the place.

Dukka ItemsEdit

The Pirate Mafia requests you to buy items that cost Dukka Coins in Dukka Town, Dukka Caves, and on the Pirate Ship, in return for protection.


The Minipet Island Hospice needs you to bring minipets here to be healed and released back into the wild.


Hector went to the Lost City of Simeria to collect rare artifacts, but now he's obsessed with collecting Stamps. Other Maradans laugh at him for wasting his time collecting stamps but he hopes to change their minds by encouraging more and more Maradans to collect Stamps for their Stamp Albums.


The Jester asks for plates in your collection to get her into plate spinning. She worked for King Baspinar, but she was fired after the 2007 war. She now works in Slater Park, entertaining the crowds of visitors with her tricks.

Gourmet FoodEdit

Greedy Gertrude of Nimbus challenges pets to eat as much gourmet foods as possible.


The Beast in the Woods of Foxfire Forest longs for shiny things - like Minerals.


Priscilla thinks the best way to be a Lowlyhood celebrity is by having a large Wardrobe so she spends all her days shopping for clothing to add to her wardrobe in her never ending quest for what she believes is celebrity status.