I am sure most people know that Maraqua is a world in Neopets.

Well, Maraqua was also at some point, one of the biggest guilds in Neopets. Created on October 13th of 2003; by the time Christmas was up, the guild had acquired 700 members. The owner of the guild was Ian. Neopets unfairly froze Maraqua on May 20th of 2004 "for linking to a commercial site" (which was not true) and Maraqua2 took its place, but never to gain the same popularity the previous Maraqua had; about 2 million neopoints were lost due to the freeze. The real life funds to keep online were being paid for by Ian. There was no point in keeping a guild-website that basically had no guild. Ian decided to create his own pet site. He decided to call it Marapets so that the users of the frozen guild felt more at home in the new virtual pet site. Marapets officially opened in August 15th, 2004; Maraqua closed a few days later.


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