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Marapets Description: Marapoints (MP) are mainly earned from playing games, chatting on the forums, completing quests and randomly exploring the site. MP is the main currency of the site and gained from and required for almost everything on the site.

Additional Comments: Your main goal in the Marapets website is to make marapoints. You need Marapoints to be able to buy stuff in the shops, to buy costumes for your pets, and to buy things off trades and auctions. To earn them, try playing the flash games, and doing Quests and Missions, selling items in your shop (also known as Restocking), and selling items in trades or auctions. Marapoints were introduced in August 15th, 2004 when the site opened, however they were being used in Maraqua before; as early as December 2003.




Baspinar PointsEdit

Marapets Description: Baspinar Points (BP) are mainly earned from winning battles with your virtual pets. Named after King Baspinar, BP is the official currency of the virtual world of Baspinar's Castle and can be spent there. Current places that accept this currency are: Princess Rapunzel - Sunglasses - Sword in the Stone - Mummy Dolls - Newspapers - Magazines - Factory Outlet Additional Comments: These are also known as battle points.


Baspinar Points


Restock PointsEdit

Marapets Description: Restock Points (RP) are mainly earned from restocking items from most of the shops in the many virtual worlds in Marada. The amount of RP you get will depend on how rare the item you buy is. RP is the official currency of the virtual world of Eleka's Castle and can be spent there. Current places accepting this currency are: Treasure Maps - Poisons Shop - Witch Doctor - Eleka Fountain - Cooking Ingredients Shop

Additional Comments: You can get these through Leprechaun quests, the Eleka Tombola, and Eleka Prison.


Restock Points


Dukka CoinsEdit

Marapets Description: Dukka Coins (Dukka) are the main currency of Dukka Town and Dukka Caves. When buying with Dukka Coins, shops only accept the exact coin for the item you buy. Dukka Coins may be obtained at the Slot Machine in Dukka Town, by Archeology in Simeria, Millionaire's Lodge in Jenoa, and periodically in Account Upgrades or for event prizes. You can use the Dukka Exchange without any limitations, except for depositing 10 or bigger Dukka Coins, you'll be charged 10%. It will take away 1 dukka per each 10 you deposit.
Coin 150

Dukka Coins

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