Virtual Pets live in homes. As you need to take care of virtual pets, you must have at least one home at all times to put your virtual pet to sleep in. However, you can have a maximum of 6 houses in total. There are different types of houses to choose from, each a different price, size and take a different amount of time to be completed. You can browse through one of houses below or create a new house. You can customise each room of your home to how you want it - fill it with furniture and appliances, paint the walls, change the flooring and so much more. From time to time, your houses randomly have problems and you will need to fix them with the correct tool. Homes also get dirty and to keep your pets healthy, you will need to clean them.

Price : 5,000 MP  
No. of Rooms : 1 
Construction Time : 3 Hours

Price : 10,000 MP 
No. of Rooms : 4 
Construction Time : 6 Hours

Price : 20,000 MP 
No. of Rooms : 5 
Construction Time : 10 Hours

Price : 30,000 MP 
No. of Rooms : 4 
Construction Time : 15 Hours

Price : 40,000 MP
No. of Rooms : 6
Construction Time : 24 Hours (1 Day)

Price : 50,000 MP 
No. of Rooms : 7 
Construction Time : 2 Days

Price : 75,000 MP 
No. of Rooms : 7 
Construction Time : 4 Days

Price : 100,000 MP 
No. of Rooms : 7 
Construction Time : 7 Days (1 Week)

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