Undying Woods Festival Edit


Marapets Description: The Undying Festival will run until October 24th. Complete many site challenges for a guaranteed prize. Every 10 challenges you complete, you will find a letter. There are 34 letters to find. Once you have found them all, work out the phrase below and you'll get a limited edition Daisy pet and 500,000MP! If you complete the Undying Festival, you will have to claim your prizes before December 31st.

Additional Comments: The Undying Festival is an activity that can happen any time of the year and requires solving a big number of clues, which are different every year (usually over 40 levels).  When the festival is in effect we will try to have a list of the clues and how to solve them here!
WARNING: Ian has announced in the news after the 2012 festival that Daisies will be replaced as the big prize. He promises next festivals will have "other prizes". We will update as we learn more.


Undying Festival

Daisy Limited Edition Pets that have been released in the Festival:
Daisy blueDaisy greenDaisy yellowDaisy red

Exclusive Festival ItemsEdit

Retired Items From The Undying Festival
Festival Prizes

Avatars From the Undying FestivalEdit

Undying Festival Avatars:

Undyingfestivalav - RETIRED Finish the 2007 festival.

Festival08av - RETIRED Finish the 2008 festival.

Festivalav - Random when you click on a Festival Minipet in your Inventory.

Undyingfestival10 - RETIRED Complete the 2010 Festival.

Chuckles minipet - View attached Chuckles aged 16 days.

Unfest12 - RETIRED Complete the 2012 Festival.

Plague mini - Attach Plague to a Basil then view the minipet.

Uf2015 - RETIRED Acquired during the 2015 Festival.

Bullo mini - View a Bullo attached to a Daisy pet.

Buttercream mini - Feed a Buttercream gourmet minipet to your pet.

Mintcream mini - Feed your pet a Mintcream and then view the page within that pet's Gourmet Food List where it's located.

Uf2016 - RETIRED Complete the 2016 Undying Festival.


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