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Undying Woods Festival Edit


Marapets Description: The Undying Festival is an annual event that begins every July or August. Every year you follow new clues, hunting for letters to solve a sentence. Bring the sentence back to this page at the end of the event, once you have finished all levels and you'll get a limited edition Daisy pet and 100,000MP!

Additional Comments: The Undying Festival is a dormant activity that can happen any time of the year and requires a big number of clues. The first festival had 65 letters (levels) while the second had 42.  Festival levels are bound to change per year. When the festival is in effect we will have a list of the clues and how to solve them here! So make sure you come back to this page soon!



Undying Festival

Daisy Limited Edition Pets only from the Festival:

Daisy blueDaisy greenDaisy yellowDaisy red

Exclusive Festival ItemsEdit

Retired Items From The Undying Festival
Festival Prizes

Item names from left to right:

  • Festival Potato
  • Festival Music
  • Festival Book
  • Festival Pearl


  • Festival Gumball
  • Festival
  • Undying Festival
  • Undying Festival Stamp


  • Bat Potato
  • Bat Screeching
  • Festival Pop Up Book
  • Spider Pearl


  • Haunted Gumball
  • Batty
  • Haunted Festival
  • Undying Festival Tent Stamp

Avatars From the Undying FestivalEdit

Undying Festival Avatars:

Undyingfestivalav - RETIRED Finish the 2007 festival.

Festival08av - RETIRED Finish the 2008 festival.

Festivalav - Random when you click on a Festival Minipet in your Inventory.

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