Marapets Description: Every week, there is a new raffle held in Dukka Town. The raffle prizes for the raffle are extremely rare, as they cannot be gained from anywhere else - a Three Dukka Coin. Each raffle ends at 15:00MST on Sunday, when a new one begins. Raffle tickets are 10MP each. There is a limit to 100 raffle tickets per member.
This week's prize is Red DNA and 100,000MP!

Additional Comments: The raffle prize (jackpot) has always been Red DNA and 100,000 marapoints for as long as I can remember. I do not think you can get the dukka coin any longer. You can get lots of dukka coins in many other site activities like the Dukka Slots or the Simerian Archeology digging spot.



Dukka Town Raffle

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