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A random event on Neopets.

Neopets is a virtual pet site that opened in 1999 for teen and adult college students to have fun in. It was founded by two students called Adam and Donna. Viacom bought the site later and immediately the site was commercialized with Google advertisements. A little later in 2007, they launched a new layout and "Customization" that enabled users to dress their pets. There are many other different activities in the site such as restocking, battle-doming, coding, chatting and the stock market. When the site started out in 1999, some of the pets were made to resemble real life people and some were just random. However, the pets' appearances have changed over the years, to the high quality artwork Neopets uses today. Neopets is one of the most successful and largest virtual pet sites on the internet, around 50 million accounts have been created (this includes users with as many as 5 side accounts) and ads revenue of about $2163.74 per day. Neopets is currently available in at least 10 different languages, which is perhaps the biggest reason for its growth. To learn more about how Neopets is related to Marapets; please visit this page!

Neopian Half Price Day Edit

What is Neopian Half Price Day?

Neopian half price day in on the 3rd of every month. Neopian shops sell everything at half price only on that day. This is a popular and well known Neopian event, and it is good for restockers. Some shops which are good to restock in at that day are: Food Shop (Neggs and rare food items), Magic Shop (Morphing potions, Novas), Clothing Shop (Wearables) and the Book Shop. Making profit lately seriously relies on item's rarity; a common item will generate you no more than 50-100 neopoints in profit.

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Why must Neopets and Marapets be against each other? If you mention Marapets on Neo, you would most likely be warned or suspended and if you mention Neopets on Mara, it gets filtered. At least give both sites a chance!

- Edited by a Neopets and Marapets user. This article was too biased.

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