Knutt House Edit

Knutt House

Marapets Description:The Knutt House in Vortex Park is where mentally disturbed, certified insane, nutty Knutts are locked away for their own safety. Some of these Knutts have been caught eating other innocent Knutts, other Knutts simply joined the Adult Forums and had to be strapped into their straight jackets and fed through a tube! One red Knutt simply went crazy when he took the programming job at Marapets, and all he ever says now is "Server Error... Server Error... Server Error...", while he rocks back and forth.

These nutty Knutts are dangerous and never get any visitors. They love Nuts and if you feed them the nut item they want, they may reward you with MP or a Mental Costume.

Additional Comments: Nuts can be acquired from the Nutty Tree in Candyland. The Knutt House works in pretty much the same way as the Aquarium in Jenoa.



Knutt House Patients Edit

Can You Help Feed These Knutts?


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