Magic is a pet stat that pets use to heal themselves during a battle in the Battle Arena.

How much does Magic items cost?Edit

You can find the current estimated price for each of the items HERE. The cost of each piece is constantly fluctuating according to supply and demand.

Buying your ItemEdit

One of the best ways to get the items is to collect them individually. You might think the Account Upgrades Magic items on the Item Trades may be worth it, but in the end, you will more than likely end up overpaying a bit. If you use the Shop Search for Magic items in stock at the Magic Shop, you're more likely to find a cheaply priced piece and get a good deal on it. Plus, with all of that refreshing, you could also get one from a random event. ;) When using the Shop Search, search for these item names: Wand, Potion, Elixir (Powders and Crystal Balls are not available in Shop Search)

For estimated prices for each magic item, along with links to search for them, you can use the Magic page of Marapets' Wishlist. If using this buying method, just buy one item at a time when you can, throw it in your Attic, and you'll have all the magic items before you know it.

What does Magic look like?Edit

Magic looks like this.

Has the Wizard Tantua always looked the same?Edit

Nope! The Wizard Tantua got an image facelift sometime in 2014. This is what it used to look like:

Oh em gee!!!11 My Magic training disappeared!Edit

Well, it's because the maximum level of the amount of magic you can have is 5 times your level. So if your pet is level 20, it can have 100 magic.