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Marapets Description: Simeria is an ancient city that has been lost of thousands of years. There's only a few of the Simerian tribe left but the world still has the same powers it did back in it's glory days! Explore the ancient temples  and embrace the history this city has to offer.

Additional Comments: This world based on the Lost City of Sumer (aka Sumeria).



Lost City of Simeria


City of Simeria

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Simeria sketch

Simerian ExplorerEdit


Marapets Description: The lost city of Simeria is in ruins for an unknown reason. Only recently discovered, the world has so much undiscovered history. Why was the city destroyed? What happened to the rest of the Simerian tribe? There are so many questions to be answered! That is why explorers spend so much time in this world.

If you complete the Simerian Explorer Treasure Map you will be able to find the exact location the explorer is currently at. Once you find him inside this huge world, you will be able to complete his quests. If you bring him the items he needs, he will reward you with MP and maybe even a Rune he found while exploring Simeria. Runes are the key to understanding one of the many ancient languages in Simeria, and will help you find you way around the Simerian Temples...

Additional Comments: A FULL Guide for the Explorer Quest can be found here.



Simerian Explorer

Antiques ShopEdit


Marapets Description: The Simerian Antique shop sells rare and expensive antique items. All items for sale in this shop are sold for at least 10,000,000MP. Any of these items could retire at any time without warning - I have limited stock and will never reveal how much of each item I am selling! When they run out, I usually can't get anymore of them! Check back regularly for new items, I am always finding new artifacts and antiques around this ancient lost city.

I have a very limited amounts of these rare, expensive Antiques.

Trivia: The Gazillionaire Minipet was sold from this shop, but it has since retired on August 25th 2012 and will never be on sale again. 



Simerian Antique Shop

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