Pet Name: Leido
Pet Kind or Specie: Tortoise or Turtle
Date Introduced: 15th of August 2004
Description: The Leido was the 2nd Marapet created in June 30th of 2004, and released as "Marapet No.2" in the Maraqua forums by Ian, as part of beta testing (scroll down in this page). Later that summer it would be brought over to Marapets where it would be used as an official pet. You can also see it here.

Some Marapets games feature the Leido, like the flash games Leido Bounce [1] and Item Collector [2]; along with the host of the "Arcade Games" [3]; a Leido playing on a vintage arcade machine.

Marapets Description: Leidos are the slowest pet but their laidback attitude to life makes them one of the most popular. They can be found lounging Maradan gardens sniffing the flowers and watching the world go by.

Leido yellow

Yellow Leido

Original 2004 Artwork
LeidoYellow(2)August10-2004 LeidoRed(2)August10-2004 LeidoGreen(2)August10-2004 LeidoBlue(2)August10-2004
Original Yellow Leido Original Red Leido Original Green Leido Original Blue Leido

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