Baspinar Castle Inside Edit


Marapets Description: King Baspinar welcomes you to his Castle. You are in the most prestigious part of Marada, with some of the most important and powerful Maradans. Battling is very important for the king, and he looks fondly upon those who have well-trained and strong marapets. While you're here why not visit the Knight and test your battle skills against some of the fearsome opponents.

Additional Comments: This is King Baspinar XIII after his twin brother died at the Minipet Island War in the hands of Eleka Minions on January 29th 2007. Born only 19 seconds later, as soon as his brother was proclaimed dead, he was crowned. I guess he couldn't wait for his brother to die. However, although claimed to be identical twins the previous king sort of looked like a... fish?

Points of Interest:


Castle inside2

Inside Baspinar's Castle

Inside Old Baspinar's CastleEdit


Custom Description: The original description to this previous lineup was either lost or it may be the same one that sits there. This poor king was killed in the Minipet Island War in the hands of Eleka Minions on January 29th 2007. His brother King Baspinar XIII sits on his throne today.



Inside Baspinar XII Castle

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