Pet Name: Ike
Pet Kind or Specie: Pterodactyl
Date Introduced: 20th May 2009
Description: The Ike is a Limited Edition pterodactyl pet. You cannot create a limited edition pet but you can earn them through the game. It can be gained by completing Hector's mission[3] in Simeria, or by buying a potion or enchanted plushie from a player who has one.

  • AnimeGo to Anime Costume
  • BootlegGo to Bootleg Costume
  • DetectiveGo to Detective Costume
  • DragonGo to Dragon Costume
  • Earth FairyGo to Earth Fairy Costume
  • FatGo to Fat Costume
  • HeroGo to Retired
  • IceGo to Ice Costume
  • InsideoutGo to Insideout Costume
  • InvisibleGo to Invisible Costume
  • MaroonGo to Maroon Costume
  • MermaidGo to Mermaid Costume
  • MinipetGo to Minipet Costume
  • MonsterGo to Monster Costume
  • MutantGo to Mutant Costume
  • Nightmare
  • PartyGo to Party Costume
  • PinataGo to Pinata Costume
  • PrisonGo to Prison Costume
  • SparkleGo to Sparkle Costume
  • SteampunkGo to Steampunk Costume
  • StoneageGo to Stoneage Costume
  • ThunderGo to Thunder Costume
  • TornadoGo to Tornado Costume

Ike (No. 56)

Marapets Description: Ike live in the mountains and swoop into the deserts to pick up prey. Hide your Gizmos!


  • Pronounced Eye-ck
  • If you search for Ike in the News, this message will pop up: Please be more specific with your Search

For a list of costumes available for this pet, go here.

Ikes around MaradaEdit

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