Pet Name: Huthiq
Pet Kind or Specie: Alien
Date Introduced: 24th September 2005
Description: The Huthiq was the 25th Marapet released, and is limited edition. It can be gained upon completion of the Ublish mission [1]. Ublish is a Huthiq, as is the owner of the stars shop[2]. A melodramatic Huthiq is also featured in the Flash Game Domino [3]. There is also a Huthiq that does 1mp auctions in Enpiah. For a list of costumes available for this pet, go here.

Marapets Description: These aliens come from far across the Galaxy, they are the scientists of Marada and can be found staggering out of labs with yelling "Eureka!" in Enpiah.

Huthiq cartoon

This alien is wearing a bow tie, buttons, and white gloves: Find him if you can, he can sometimes beloved.

Huthiq digital


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