Pet Name: Hump
Pet Kind or Specie: Camel; When mutant, two-humped camel
Date Introduced: 23rd June 2010
Description: The Hump is the 60th pet released, and is a restricted marapet meaning that their species is ultra rare and severely limited. Their natural habit in Marada is severely endangered. You cannot create restricted pets but you may be able to earn one. It is available upon completing the Kamilah Pyramid in Kamilah Desert. The Kamilah Traveller quest feature a Hump (as well as a Rofling). For a list of costumes available for this pet, go here.

Marapets Description: Humps are another desert pet, faithful to their owner they will transport them anywhere as long as they have a neverending supply of giant fruits.

Hump mutant new

Hump: Marapet #60

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