Pet Name: Gonk
Pet Kind or Specie: Horse or Pony
Date Introduced: April 1st 2006
Description: The Gonk was originally designed as a minipet to be given away with an Email Newsletter. However around that time, April Fools was around the corner so Ian and Laimay thought it would be funny to turn it into a fake and ugly pet with a silly tooth. There were no intentions about releasing it as a pet, but with the hundreds of support tickets and forum topics from people claiming they wanted one, they decided to release it. [1] I am not sure why people wanted it, but it was SO ugly, they removed the tooth to improve it's look. It helped.

Marapets Description: These pretty ponies love to gallop although will only allow those they trust to ride them.

Gonk earthfairy-0
Gonk egg

The Easter Egg

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