Golem is a heavy strongman that guards Baspinar's Castle 24 hours a day, every day. He may not be


strong, but he is very heavy and has perfect balance. The higher your pet balance is, the greater he will reward them. 

NOTE - you are rewarded only once per pet. Trading for a pet with high Balance stats list will NOT give you the prizes if they have already been rewarded.

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Balance Prize
10 Golem Shield
20 2,500MP
30 Golem Potato
40 5,000MP
50 Rune Amulet
60 7,500MP
80 Golem Pearl
100 10,000MP
120 Guardian Rock
140 15,000MP
160 Summoning A Golem
180 20,000MP
200 Golem Doll
250 25,000MP
300 Golem Booster
350 30,000MP
400 Castle Defence
450 35,000MP
500 Maft
550 40,000MP
600 Golem Summoning Tablet
650 45,000MP
700 Castle Wall Stamp
750 50,000MP
800 Golem Glowing Egg
850 60,000MP
900 Golem Trading Card
950 70,000MP


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