The First Goals Introduced


Posted on: 6th October 2007


We have just released the first of a brand new type of Games feature on the site. Its similar to Mission Games and Quest Games, called Goals. Goal Games are themed after each virtual world in Marada. At every level you have a new goal to complete related to Undying Woods. Each level gets harder to complete but you will receive a prize for completing each level. Unlike quest and mission games, you have unlimited amount of time to complete each goal level and you can only complete them once. New levels will always be added to the Goals in each world. Prizes include rare items only avaliable from goals, MP, BP, RP, Dukka Coins, Account Upgrade Credit and stats for your pets. The Undying Woods Goals is the first world to have goals and currently has 11 levels for you to complete. New levels will be added in the news to these goals all of the time, each with a brand new prize.

The Undying Woods Goals have been added to the Undying Woods map. When you complete a level of the Undying Woods Goals, you will receive a cool shield on your profile, showing everyone what level you have completed in the goals!

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