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Glowing Egg NestEdit


Glowing Egg Nest
Marapets Description: This Osafo bird nest is where all of the Glowing Eggs you have collected are stored. Depending on how long the eggs have been in the nest, the eggs can be hatched. Each Glowing Egg has 3 different colours inside. When you hatch an egg, these colours are added to your collection and you can use them to change your font on the Forums, Maramail and on Club Boards. You can also use the colours to give your font a glow.

Additional Comments: Speed up your eggs hatching by clicking them and refreshing the page, you can see the whole list of the colors the eggs can give you in the Lush Fountain. Find a thorough guide for the colors of each egg here: Glowing Eggs Guide.


Eggs SamplesEdit

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