Costume furry

Furry Costume

Not to be confused with the Hairy Costume.
Furry easter egg

The Easter egg

The Furry Costume is a costume available through Item Trades, the Item Auction House, Shop Search, etc. This item is a costume that the pet of your choice, providing it can actually wear the costume, (to find out if your pet can wear a certain costume, click here) into a Furry Marapet. Currently, the Marapets that can wear this costume are: Chibs, Crindol, Doyle, Ideus, Kidlet, Knutt, Oglue, Quell, Walee and Yuni. (Um, we think we don't have to tell you that.) Fortunately for sellers (and unfortunately for buyers) this item falls between the 400,000-600,000MP mark, which is a decent amount of money, but not great. Even though this item is quite old, Ian has still not made the item Retired

Furry Costume:

[Rarity 38]

Prize from Ublish's Lair

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