Foxfire Forest is filled with many magical creatures of all shapes and sizes. Some are friendly and eager to make friends after hundreds of years of slumber - others are just hungry and looking for a snack! If you complete the Foxfire Pond Treasure Map, Favolos the monster living inside the pond will reveal herself. You can then feed her once every 12 hours. Feeding Favolos can have many different outcomes. She may reward you with gym or school stats, currency (including Account Upgrades Credit), a Gourmet Minipet or even gobble up your pet and spit it out a different transformation or species. If you are really lucky, it may change into a limited edition pet!

Foxfire Pond Giftbox - Use this item and you can use the Foxfire Pond twice as often for life if you have already completed the Foxfire Pond Treasure Map. Visit once every 6 hours instead of 12 hours.