Pet Name: Flab
Pet Kind or Specie: Walrus
Date Introduced: 16th May 2009
Description: This handsome sea mammal is a standard marapet that is very hard to turn any other pet into. The potions for this pet can be hard to get; getting one means you need to buy one through the Potions Shop, or a user shop. This is definitely a hassle for those who don't have that much marapoints, but you can get an enchanted Flab plushie from the Plushie Machine instead. Getting one by normal means is creating a Flab through "Create a pet". This is definitely a hassle for those who already have the maximum amount of pets, but there's always hope that someday they will purchase an Extra Pet Giftbox.
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Flab Marapet (No. 54)

Marapets Description: Flabs are one of laziest marapets and can be found relaxing at the edge of the Marada seas.


  • Its name is derived from the fat of walruses.

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