Pet Name: Fasoro
Pet Kind or Specie: Fox

Date Introduced: Possibly on the site opening August 15th 2004 [1]
Description: The Fasoro is a fox marapet best known for being the middle pet in the Marapets Pets page [2]. Fasoro is a non-limited edition pet. Currently the two Fasoro shop owners work in the Chocolate Shop [3] and the Jewelry Shop [4] (well, USED to be the shopkeeper of the Jewelry Shop, but that was quite a long time ago), and there is a trading card with a Rabid Fasoro on it. The Pets icon on the top menu of the site features a Fasoro.

Marapets Description: Fasoros are quite shy pets and hide in burrows until they see someone they like. If they choose you as their new owner you can always trust them to be loyal for life!

Fasoro chibi
Fasoro gothic

Fasoro Marapet

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