A couple months ago, tishalook ran an official Marapets Clothing Design Contest on the Graphics Forum and the entries we received were so good, we decided to create a permanent Fashion Show feature in Lowlyhood.

Fashion Show - Released April 2014

If you have an idea for new character clothing on Marapets, enter and make your ideas a reality! Simply draw your ideas onto one of our Male and Female bases and email it to us. You can even print it off and design it by hand, scan or take a photo of it and then email it to us. Then everytime that we receive enough entries, we will pick winners and our artists will create them for the site. Lucky winners will be released in the news, win 100,000MP, a Fashion Show Medal for their profile, receive a set of the items they helped to design and be permanently added to the Fashion Show winners gallery! If you have access to the Vending Machine you can now win these new clothing items!

The Fashion show Medal

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