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Marapets Description: The farm in Gigantic Paradise grows some of the largest fruits, vegetables and flowers to sell in its shops. Apart from tourism, this world makes all of its income from agriculture. Gigantic farm is run by one Knutt farmer named, Mc Doogle, who we believe is related to Elger. As he has so much work to do everyday, he doesn't have time to get his shopping done. If you can complete his shopping list in the time he states, he will reward you with a speical Ball of Yarn and MP.

Additional Comments: The farmer will ask you for random items. Buy the items and he will give you a fair reward. He might also reward you with Balls Of Yarn sometimes. The Farm quests in Gigantic Paradise have been updated. The artwork has been revamped and the MP payouts have been increased. You can also win a new Ball of Negative Yarn too!

Average Reward: 3,500 MP and sometimes a Ball of Yarn.

Minimum Reward: 1,500 MP



Farm Quest

Farm Quest Rewards Edit

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